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Welcome to Antiquities of the Reich

A modest company offering; 40 years experience dealing with artefacts from the Third Reich Era. Buy with confidence as all items available for purchase on this website are guaranteed to be of pre 1945 manufacture and accordingly are sold with a full money back guarantee.

We operate a lay-away-plan where items may be purchased on an instalment payment plan. Please contact us for further details.

We are always interested in the acquisition of genuine merchandise from the Third Reich era, be it a single item or a complete collection, discretion assured at all times please contact us for further details.

All articles offered are intended for the purpose of historical study and or investment purposes only, consequently, therefore, are not intended to and do not represent any political view or standpoint on our part.

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KONZENTRATIONSLAGER BUCHENWALD . Envelope and letter from SS-Mann Adolf Kapferer who served in the Totenkopf Regiment guarding the Buchenwald camp. Envelope has the franking stamp for Weimar-Buchenwald, and the Regimental stamp "14 SS Totenkopfstandarte". At the time this letter was posted the Camp Commandant was the infamous SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Karl Koch and his wife llse Koch (The bitch of Buchenwald).
LUFTWAFFE GENERALS GREATCOAT. ( ATTRIBUTED.) A very fine example of a Luftwaffe Generalleutnant's greatcoat belonging to "Kurt Menzel". Which came straight out of the Menzel estate in 2015. Coat is made from high quality blue/grey doeskin wool with white lapels,twelve gilt pebbled buttons to the front and two gilt buttons on the rear waist belt. And four gilt buttons on the rear vent closure. Insignia consists of gold bullion hand embroidered collar patches with gold bullion and aluminium shoulderboards with the large silver rank pip on each board, which are secured with screw post gilt buttons. Interior has a blue/grey rayon lining with tailors label at the neck and a name label in the inside pocket. Named to Oberst Menzel in 1939, Menzel became a Generalleutnant in 1942. It appears that Menzel must have ordered this coat when still an Oberst, knowing he was going to be promoted to a Generalmajor. There is some minor mothing (tiny moth hole on each collar patch. And some moth tracking and small holes at bottom of coat, otherwise a beautiful display piece.
ALUMINIUM POLICE BUCKLE WITH LEATHER BELT Nice clean example of a aluminium O/R's. Belt buckle and a very clean leather belt. Buckle is unmarked but in super condition, leather is maker marked and dated 1942.
Army HBT wrapover combat tunic C & T auctions
AUSTRIAN HJ SHORTS A textbook example
BRITISH AIRBORNE DENISON SMOCK Not something we normally carry, this is a nice example of a WW2 pattern Denison smock with the short brass zip and all brass press studs,smock also retains its under crutch strap (tail) which is quite often missing (removed). Smock still has its maker panel attached to the inside and is a size 2 and dated 1945. Overall smock is in good used condition with no major damage.
CHILDS DOUBLE DECAL HELMET (RARE) A very nice example, in superb condition,still retaining its original cloth liner and leather chinstrap. Both decals are in exceptional condition. This is one of the nicest children's helmets we've come across.
DAF GAU FLAG Gau flag for the Austrian town of Gussing.. Flag is double sided and of multi construction and in good used condition. Unfortunately the metal hanging rings have long gone, but overall this is a nice DAF Gau flag. Size 54 inches X 46 inches
DAF PODIUM BANNER Deutsche Arbeitsfront podium banner in good used condition. Banner is single sided and of multi-construction, Banner shows some storage wear and has one noticible stain on the gold braiding (see images) could probably be professionally removed.Overall a very nice podium banner, and still retaining its hanging clips. Size 45 inches X 45inches.
DEUTSCHE JUGEND (DJ) BROWN SHIRT. This is a very small example in good condition, but shows some fading in parts, insignia appears to be original to the shirt although the area patch is white on a black background (BDM) instead of yellow (DJ-HJ) on black. Perhaps his Sister was in the BDM and he used some of her insignia,we'll never know. Of interest are the small brown football shaped buttons, they all display a swastika motif on them, something we've never come across before. Shirt also comes with two HJ tinnies,,Overall an attractive piece.
DEUTSCHE JUGEND FANFARE TRUMPET & BANNER. Textbook example in good used condition, Trumpet is a issued DJ item, with a large engraved sig-rune on the horn part of the trumpet, (see images). Trumpet banner has the sig-rune to both sides and is a multi-construction piece with silver bullion tassels to three sides. As already stated both pieces are in good condition and would appear to have always been together .
DJ LAGER FLAG Deutsche Jugend lager (camp) flag, heavy duty flag double sided and multi constructed, Flag has some staining which is noticeable to the white sig runes on both sides. It would appear that originally this flag was ripped from the flag pole tearing the metal rings from the flag, fortunately flag is undamaged,and quite a rare one to find. size 50ins x 60ins
DOGTAG FOR GUARD AT NEUENGAMME CONCENTRATION CAMP Extremely rare !!!!! dogtag for a guard from a SS Totenkopf regiment who was stationed at the infamous NEUENGAMME KONZENTRATIONSLAGER. Dogtag has some damage , which does'nt detract from the rarity of this item.
EARLY 1933 NSDAP PARTY MEMBERSHIP BOOK. Membership book belonged to Max Dinklage from Hamburg.His party number 824903, fairly low number. Book is in well used condition and has a very old tape repair to the spine. Early partie books are getting extremely hard to locate nowadays..
EXTREMELY RARE SS FUNERAL BANNER. First time we've seen or owned a Funeral banner from a Higher SS and Police leader. From Oberabschnitt Nordsee. Unfortunately as we can't date the Funeral banner it could have been sent by one of three HSSPF. SS-Gruppenfuhrer Hans Prutzmann. March 37-April 41 SS-Gruppenfuhrer Richard Querner. April 41- April 43 SS-Gruppenfuhrer Georg von Bassewitz-Behr April 43-May 45. Banner is constructed from black artificial silk with silver bullion tassels. Printing on banner is done in silver, but unfortunately the silver has darkened down over the years and in not so prominent in places (see images). But overall still a very nice rare piece . IMAGES FOLLOWING SHORTLY !!!
EXTREMELY RARE SS MANN'S KEPI An extremely rare example of the traditional SS Mann's kepi displaying the early form of SS cap insignia. Kepi is in very good condition , no damage. Kepi has an Austrian maker's panel, which one would imagine was worn by a member of the Austrian SS. Some infamous SS members from Austria include Kaltenbrunner,Eichmann,Globoknic and Seyss inquart to name but a few. This is a nice example of a very rare kepi.
FEMALE LUFTWAFFE HELFRIN'S WINTER SIDE CAP A very rare example of a female helfrins side cap, cap is of similar styling to the overseas cap,but with the addition of side flaps that come down to cover the ears. Cap is in used condition with some moth tracking,insignia consists of a yellow waffenfarbe to crown and lower flap ,Eagle Swastika and roundel has been hand applied. Size 55.
FEMALE LUFTWAFFE SERVICE JACKET A fabulous example of a very rare and desirable jacket.Worn by a Luftwaffe helfrin at staff headquarters . Jacket is in very good condition with factory applied insignia. This is one of half a dozen tunics that was turned many years ago in Paris.
FEMALE REICHSARBEITSDIENST DRAPE/PENNANT Rare example of a Female RAD Pennant . This is a double sided printed example, that is in very good used condition. Size 47inches X 82inches.
FEUERSCHUTZPOLIZEI COMMANDERS CAR PENNANT Triangular Bakerlite pennant with small black border white inner border. Large red triangle with smaller white bordered section to the centre with police pattern emblem in silver. Complete with DRGM marked aluminium edge and original mounting fittings. Pennant has some small areas of paint loss and some small scratches to swastika on one side. But overall a very nice example of a scarce car pennant.
HITLER JUGEND BRASSARD. Genuine example of a machine woven multi construction HJ brassard,. Condition is good but has some fairly heavy storage staining. Certainly been worn..
HITLER YOUTH BUGLE WITH CORD LANYARD A super example in very good used condition, and complete with its cord lanyard. Bugle is maker marked "F X Huller & Co , Graslitz" and dated 1939. Bugle also retains its safety chain connected to the removable mouthpiece. Bugle has also been period engraved to the "Landdienst der HJ" and has the HJ emblem also engraved . Overall this is a rare and attractive piece in good condition with some tiny dents, but none serious enough to worry about, also bugle shows a nice age patina. F.X.Huller & Co was a reputable musical instrument maker during the Third Reich period.
HITLERJUGEND HANGING DRAPE A very attractive double sided drape measuring 15 ins x 25 ins. Drape is of multi construction and in good used condition with some minor staining. Overall a very nice piece that would enhance any HJ collection.
HITLERJUGEND WATERPROOF CAPE.( REGENUMHANG) Rare example of the waterproof cape worn by members of the HITLERJUGEND. Interior of cape has a beautiful RZM label in blue and gold. Overall condition of cape is very good with some slight damage to the hook and eye on the collar which could be carefully repaired. Also included in images is wartime advert (photo copy) showing the cape for sale along with various other HJ items.
HJ BELT AND BUCKLE Textbook example, nickel buckle and pressed cardboard belt (leather). Belt and buckle both RZM marked. Nice used condition..
HJ GROUP OF AWARD DOCUMENTS Three citations to Otto
HJ MARCHING FLAG A really nice example of a rarely seen HJ flag. See this pattern flag extensively used in documentaries , but this is the first example we've been lucky enough to secure. Flag is in great condition, with one tiny tear about 1 inch long, (see images}. There is some storage staining to the white. Flag is double sided, multi construction and retains the original RZM marked rings. size 46 inches by 68 inches. Nice HJ item...
INTERESTING LETTER FROM HIMMLER, WITH HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE . Letter from Himmler to SS-Oberfuhrer (later) SS-Gruppenfuhrer Ulrich Greifelt, concerning two of Himmler's distant cousins,seems to be a bit of nepotism going on here, check images for full translation. Of interest Ulrich Greifelt was sentenced at the RuSHA trials to life imprisonment for War crimes and died in prison. very nice Himmler signature !!!!
IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS A well used example by "Wilhelm Deumer" Ludenscheid., front has some of its finish missing , and the back looks like it's been used as a dartboard . Seems like some one has tried stamping their initials into the back. Pin hinge and hook are fine. Cheap example of an original EK1.
KONZENTRATIONLAGER HAMBURG -NEUENGAMME (RARE) An extremely rare cover and letter from a Polish prisoner Kasimie Fllikowski to a relative living in the Generalgouvernement . Letter is dated 1941 when Neuengamme was at full working capacity, camp existed from Mid 1938 until May 1945. Envelope has had the stamp removed (see images) and has a small stain on the letter otherwise condition is good...Letters and postkartes from this camp very rarely turn up...
KONZENTRATIONSLAGER AUSCHWITZ LETTER. (RARE) Letter from the infamous Auschwitz death camp, letter is in good used condition with no major damage. Of interest letter has two lots of censor's stamps in red ink. See images. Letters from Auschwitz are quite rare to find..
KONZENTRATIONSLAGER AUSCHWITZ .(RARE). Post card from Gastow Matejko to a female relative living in Lublin (Ghetto) in the Generalgouvernement . Auschwitz main camp (Stammlager) was made operational in May 1940 and this Karte is dated July 1940. So it appears that this poor soul was an inmate in the very early days when the camp was run by SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess and his deputy SS-Obersturmfuhrer Josef Kramer ( Who ended the War as camp commandant at Bergen Belsen). Karte is in good condition except for two punch holes..
KONZENTRATIONSLAGER DACHAU 3K (TWO LETTERS ). Two letters from prisoner Henryk Janowski prison number 12043 to close members of his family. First letter is dated 8th September 1940 and the second 27th April 1941. Tragically this young man was just 18 years old when he sent the first letter.Condition wise one letter is in fine condition the over has a couple of tiny splits where it was folded, but overall condition is good (see images).
KONZENTRATIONSLAGER DACHAU. Postkarte from prisoner Emil Dudek Nr 7491 to his Wife/Girlfriend , from the infamous Dachau concentration camp. Karte is dated 1940, and has the blue censor stamp on the reverse. Postkarte is in very good condition..
KONZENTRATIONSLAGER OFFICERS GREATCOAT To a SS-Untersturmfuhrer serving on the staff of one of the infamous concentration camps.Greatcoat is made from good quality wool with a dark green collar,Sewn in officers shoulderboards piped in brown waffenfarbe (KZ).. Left sleeve shows a very nice hand embroidered sleeve eagle. Overall coat is in good used condition, unfortunately there is some moth damage (see images) which does'nt notice too much when coat is on a mannequin. (Rare piece)
KONZENTRATIONSLAGER ORANIENBURG 50 Pfg NOTE Rare Lagergeld note from the infamous ORANIENBURG Concentration camp. Oranienburg was one of the first detention facilities established by the Nazi's and run by the SA. By mid 1934 the running of the camp was taken over by the SS until 1936 when the camp was closed, and replaced in the local area by Sachsenhausen Concentration camp.
Luft visor cap Sold C& T auction.
LUFTWAFFE GENERALS COLLAR PTCHES Pair of Generalleutnant bullion collar patches. In good used condition.
LUFTWAFFE GENERALS GREATCOAT (ATTRIBUTED) CONTINUED. Wartime history, Menzel became commander of 1./28. Flak regiment in 1936, them commander of 9-Flak-Regiment "Legion Condor" in 1938 and Commander of 5. Flak division in 1941. He was promoted to Generalleutnant in Noovember 1942 and retired in November 1943. After seven months service as officer with special duties of the RLM and Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe . Menzel was recalled on 07/08/44 and placed at the disposal of the Luftwaffe until the war's end. He acted as Luftschutz (Air defence) liaison to the Reichsgruppe of Industry in the West. Aug 44-May 45. He was captured by US Troops on 05/05/45 and released 4 months later. He died on 30/12/1969, in Munich.
M40 COMBAT HELMET CAMO FINISH. A nicely used combat helmet, still retaining around 60% of its finish,unfortunately the decal has long gone, although you can see traces of where its been. Helmet still retains its original liner, although chinstrap has long gone..Nice combat piece..
M40 ORDNUNGSPOLIZEII DOUBLE DECAL COMBAT HELMET A nice genuine example of a Polizei D/D combat helmet. This is a M40 pattern helmet, still retaining the majority of its factory applied finish. Both decals are in fine condition showing normal wear from use and age. It has its original liner (58) and chinstrap both of which are in good used condition with no damage.Helmet is maker marked with its shell size "SE66" Manufactured by "Sachsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke. This helmet was originally sold be "HISTORY HUNTER" USA And comes with a lifetime guarantee to its originality . Overall a very nice example of a combat police elmet
MAUTHAUSEN KONZENTRATIONSLAGER LETTERSHEET Prisoners Lettersheet from GUSEN the largest of the sub-camps associated with Mauthausen. And was situated 4-5 km west of the main camp, between St Georgen and Langenstein, at the site of a large quarry "Kastenhof und Gusen" where the prisoners worked.
MAUTHAUSEN KZ PRISONERS LETTERSHEET Lettersheet from Mauthausen concentration camp..This camp was founded after the Anschluss with Austria, in August 1938 and was situated 11 km from the City of Linz, near the Danube river. In old WW1 buildings.. Over 200,000 prisoners passed through the main camp with 50% mortality rate. Mauthausen was classed by the SS as a stufe 111 camp (harsh regime). And was indeed one of the worst in the system for mortality .
Nazi vehicle recognition flag C&T auctions
NICKLE HJ BUCKLE AND LEATHER STRAP Buckle is in good used condition,,showing most of its finish. RZM and maker marked M4/13 "Paul Schumacher " Ludenscheid. Leather strap is in excellent condition, maker marked and dated 1941.
NSDAP BANNER TOP AND GAU FLAG "KOLN" A very nice used example of a NSDAP Gau flag, for a Gau area in the city of Cologne, Flag has some small tears and a little mothing to one side (see images). Banner top is the second pattern in a silver nickel finish and fully RZM marked .Of note this appears to be a special flag and probably hung indoors as the metal rings have been period lined in a red cotton material ,probably as a noise deterrent . OVerall this is a nice salty piece from a large German town.
NSDAP DRAPE Very attractive vibrant example of a NSDAP Drape ,this is a multi constructed example in extremely good condition and still retaining its vibrant colours, drape has been period modified with the addition of two wooden toggles, (see images). Size 28 inches X 52inches.
NSDAP DRAPE Nice double sided drape, a multi construction piece in very good condition. Size 72 inches X 28 inches. Ideal size for display purposes.
NSDAP flag C&T auctions
NSDAP NUREMBERG COMMEMORATIVE (pewter) PLATE A very attractive pewter plate, that could be purchased at the NSDAP party rally's at Nuremberg, by party members and visiting dignitaries. Plate is approx 10 -12 in diameter , and displays the shields of all the party organisations. A nice quirky item in good used condition, unfortunately over the years the small hook used for hanging the plate has broken off , but hasn't caused any damage to the plate.
NSDAP PARTEI BOOK This is the official report on the "PARTEITAG Der FREIHEIT 1935" Published by "Central Publishing of the NSDAP". "Franz Eher Nachfolger Munich (1936)". The rally which lasted from the 10th-16th September 1935 in Nuremberg is notorious in history for the promulgation of the so called "Nuremberg blood laws" when a special sitting of the Reichstag (during the rally) enacted these laws.(The full text of these laws are printed within pages 265-266). Which removed citizenship of the Jews and introduced discriminatory legislation against them. The text of Hitler's speeches and many of the Nazi leaders are printed within.There is a photo section towards the end of the book containing 40 plus images from the Rally. Book is in Mint condition...
NSDAP POLITICAL LEADERS BRASSARD Kreisleiter political leaders brassard. Interesting example of the late type, red wool NSDAP leaders brassard with row woven row of oakleaves to top and bottom borders, white piped edging with central one piece swastika. Inside of brassard still retains paper RZM label. This is a uniform removed example ,but in very good condition (photos doesn't do it justice).
NSFK O/R's KEPI In very nice condition,blue/grey woollen body with yellow piping,front has single button with white metal eagle. Interior has a black lining with a brown leather sweatband. size stamped 56. Overall a nice kepi with one tiny (pinhead) moth nip to yellow piping.
NSKK ( NATIONALSOZIALIISTISCHES KRAFTFAHRKORPS) BROWN SHIRT, TIE, AND BLACK BREECHES. A superb example of the traditional brown shirt. This sale concists of Brown shirt,brown tie and black breeches. Shirt is a textbook example, two breast pockets with buttoned flaps , five buttoned front, and double cuffs on the shirt sleeves. bottom of shirt has five gilt metal belt ramps, for securing belt. This is an early pattern shirt with black and white piping around the collar and collar patches, and is badged up to a NSKK Scharfuhrer serving in the 75th Motorised Standarte.Of interest if you look at images of the shoulderboard you will notice around top of shirt sleeve by the shoulder some small sewn loops, these were to hold the swallowtails showing that the wearer of this shirt was at some stage a musician or drummer. Breeches (not photographed) are just a fine pair of black NSKK/ SS breeches, no labels, probably pre RZM.Obviously if you have and interest in this ensemble I can forward images of breeches. Please note belt,buckle and cross strap are NOT included in this sale.
NSKK OFFICERS KEPI In very fine condition, body is constructed from a very fine mid brown wool with the upper half constructed from a dark brown wool. Insignia consists of a factory applied flatwire eagle with a silver NSKK button.. Crown is piped in a silver bullion piping,as is the kepi side flaps. Interior has a dark brown rayon lining with sweat diamond still intact "Deutsche Arbeit". Size 56.
NSKK O/R's NCO's VISOR CAP "RARELY SEEN EXAMPLE" In very good condition, this is the first example of this visor cap that we have actually owned. Cap is in superb condition,with a light khaki brown trikot top with a dark brown wool cap band, and dark brown piping.. Interior has full makers trapezoid with a very unusual maker. underside of the leather sweatband is stamped up to the NSKK Bekleidungswerke POSEN. Cap has a lovely high front (saddle shape), and as already stated in near mint condition,approx size 56/57,
NSKK SCHARFUHRER'S SERVICE TUNIC Textbook example of a NSKK NCO's tunic, body of tunic is a olive brown colour with a dark brown collar. This is a standard issue tunic that unfortunately has the RZM label missing.Insignia is the pre 1939 style with the NSKK eagle on the right arm and the Party brassard on the left arm. Condition of tunic is very good with a tiny amount of damage by the right breast pocket and a little patch on right arm near the arm eagle (see images).
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI SIDE CAP Very nice example in good condition ,this is the later pattern side cap with the green piping around the side flap.. Cap is fully maker marked and size 57.
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI LIGHTWEIGHT TUNIC AND MATCHING CAP. This pattern (mottled green) of tunic and cap would have been used extensively by Police rifle formations and einsatzgruppen personel, in the Eastern territories . Both Tunic and Cap are in good used condition, with no damage. All insignia on tunic has been factory applied, with tunic displaying the correct arm eagle for this pattern tunic. Finding tunic and matching cap nowadays I would imagine is extremely hard.
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI M43 FIELD CAP A textbook example in very good condition, cap has a factory applied machine woven cap eagle with a two button front. Cap has all the correct bias material, put in on construction, and has a gray cotton/rayon lining. Overall this is a very nice example of a M43 service cap.
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI OFFICERS SERVICE TUNIC A textbook example in superb condition. For a junior Officer (Leutnant ) tunic has sew-in officers shoulderboards, very nice bullion collar patches, and a superb subdued Officers arm eagle, as far as Police Officers tunics go they don't come much better than this one..
ORGANISATIONSBUCH DER NSDAP. (1937) Originally in the library of SA Sturm 6/158 see original stamp inside front cover. Overstamped by Erith public library. When these books fell into Allied hands,after the intelligence services was finished with them, they were often donated to museums or public libraries. This 1937 edition contains the breakdown of the notorious NURNBURG RACIAL LAWS. of 15th September 1935, with all the tortuous examples of Mischlinge that even baffled the German bureacrats. All colour plates are present and in fine condition, (inside title page torn) see images otherwise book is in good condition.
ORGANISATIONSBUCH der NSDAP. (1937) 2nd edition (1937) published by Franz-Eher Nachfolge Munchen (Party publishers). This example has library stamps for the NSV (Nazi people's welfare organisation) Gruppe Alpen,District Moers,Area Essen. Book is in overall very good condition small damage to spine all colour plates are complete and still very fresh. (See images).
POLITICAL LEADER BELT AND BUCKLE Nice clean example in very good condition, belt and buckle fully RZM stamped. Both Buckle and belt dated 1939. CONSIGNMENT.
POLITICAL LEADER "ORTSGRUPPENLEITER" BRASSARD A very well used example that has suffered some moth damage, but its refreshing to see a brassard that has actually seen some wear. Brassard is still joined together and has certainly been tunic removed.Priced to sell.
POLITICAL LEADERS BRASSARD In mint unissued condition. Brassard is for a Ortsgruppe Zellenleiter, blue piped. and still retains its paper RZM label, and still has a feint blue inked arrow, showing which way up the brassard must be worn. A very nice example..
POLITICAL LEADERS VISOR CAP ORTS LEVEL. A very nice textbook example in super condition, no mothing anywhere, which is very unusual, nice saddle shape, good size approx 58.Cap still retains full sweat diamond in crown and RZM label under the sweatband, Except for small discoloration to gilding on oakleaves see images, this is a super cap , probably one of the better ones on the market at the moment.
RAD OFFICERS OVERSEAS CAP Brown wool body with silver bullion piping around the centre curtain of the cap, finished off with a very nice officers flatwire cap badge, interior of cap is lined in a mid brown rayon/cotton, and maker marked ,size stamped (59) and dated 42. This is a very nice example of a cap rarely seen, and except for four tiny moth nips is in extremely good condition.
Railway officers visor cap
RARE AND UNUSUAL HITLERJUGEND PENNANT A real stunning example of a HJ pennant, this example is a one off piece that was given as a prize for a hiking festival in Heddesdorf.Pennant has been beautifully embroidered and is in very good condition, still retaining its metal hanging measures 36 x 13. (91 x 43cm). Circa 1937
RED CROSS PARCEL RECEIPT KL LUBIN (MAJDANEK) Extremely rare Red Cross parcel receipt from one of the original extermination camps. Majdanek was 0ne of the worst camps in the KZ system with an estimated death toll of between 250,000-360,000. In February 1943 the Polish Red Cross (PRK) managed to negotiate with the then Camp commandant SS-Standartenfuhrer Hermann Florstedt to supply weekly food parcels to the Polish prisoners,and also from February to April 1944 daily soup portions were supplied by the "Polnische Hilfskommitee". And it is this action to which this parcel receipt relates.
SA CORDUROY BREECHES A textbook pair of SA corduroy breeches in superb condition, no damage and they still retain the RZM Diensthose label.
SA FUNERAL BANNER Banner is 78 inches long by 7.5 inches wide, and made from artificial silk. This banner is in exceptional condition. And finding one relating to a SA Sturm is getting very hard..
SA OFFICER'S KEPI A very fine example of a SA kepi as worn by a Oberfuhrer /Brigadefuhrer . Kepi has a mid blue top eith red and blue piping , possibly Gruppe Hessen. Kepi is in very good used condition. And a desirable piece , officers kepi's are getting hard to find nowadays .
SA OFFICERS KEPI A very nice example of a private purchased kepi for the rank of Oberfuhrer and Brigadefuhrer..Kepi is in very good condition with a grey top which I believe is for units in the Generalgouvernent . Kepi is a textbook example except for the unofficial tresse, Which appears to be quite common on kepi's from the Generalgouvement. In Vol 3 of Headwear of Hitler's Germany they actually show a kepi from the Generalgouvement which also has un-official tresse, Overall a good conditioned SA officers kepi...
SACHSENHAUSEN KONZENTRATIONSLAGER PRISONERS LETTERCARD Prisoner's lettercards were the only stationery permitted to the prisoners , and had to be purchased from the prisoners canteen along with postage stamps. This particular lettercard is from protective custody prisoner "Karl Saman" . Prisoner number 15149 block 25. Letter is to his family living in the Protectorate of Bohemia & Moravia.
SCHUTZPOLIZEI OFFICERS SHAKO WITH PLUME A nice used example made by Erel, Shako is in overall good condition with some light mothing to the rear and some minor damage to the Police eagle, which is not really noticeable.Plume has discoloured over the years but still looks attractive on the shako. This is not the best Officers shako on the market but price reflects the small amount of damage I mentioned, please view images..
SCHUTZPOLIZEI SERVICE TUNIC. A well used example worn by a Wachtmeister (sergeant ). Tunic is a textbook example with dark brown collar and cuffs, eight button front with two pleated breast pockets with flaps and two lower patch pockets with flaps. Insignia concists of slip-on shoulderboards , machine applied collar litzen and standard green arm eagle. Tunic is stamped and dated 1942 with the manufacturers stamp , showing tunic was issued in Austria..
SHUTZPOLIZEI NCO'S/O/R'S PARADE BANDOLIER & CARTOUCHE In good used condition, bandolier is constructed in silver brocade with a green velvet backing. with a polished aluminium buckle and end cap. Cartouche is constructed from black leather and has a metal police eagle to the front. Cartouche is in overall good condition except for a small split to the top rear seam (see images). Cartouche is fully maker marked and date stamped 1938. Overall a rare piece of Police equipment that looks superb on a uniformed mannequin with all the other accoutrements..
SS ALUMINIUM BELT BUCKLE In relic condition, unfortunately someone has gone to great lengths to remove the swastika and the SS motto.But if you're looking for a cheap example of a genuine SS Buckle look no further.
SS MANN'S SHOULDERBOARDS "GEBIRGSJAGER" Textbook examples ,slip-on boards with grey underside and black top silk piped in light green waffenfarbe. Boards are in near mint condition.
SS NCO'S RUNIC COLLAR PATCH Nice used example in hand embroidered bullion with a couple of surviving press studs on the reverse, patch was probably worn on a white or lightweight summer tunic, for easy removal when tunic was being cleaned.
SS OBERSCHUTZE PIP mint unissued condition.
SS SERVICE TIE Black tie in good used condition, still retaining its correct RZM label, tie is constructed from a cotton/rayon material. Textbook example.
SS-DIE DEUTSCHE POLIZEI DIARY FOR SICHERHEITSPOLIZEI . A very rare diary for 1941, issued to members of the Sicherheitspolizei . Unfortunately diary is unused. But has some inscription on the inside page. Diary has portrait photographs of Himmler and Heydrich and carries a vast amount of printed information about the Police and the Party. This is a nice piece and the first one we've come across ..
SS-VT FUHRERSCHEIN In near mint condition,this is the nicest example I've had the fortune to come across. Fuhrerschein (military driving licence) Is a linen book and has the soldiers picture and details inside. This particular example belonged to a SS-VT Mann in SS Regiment "Der Fuhrer" and has a fabulous photo wearing his runic collar patch with the number 3 on.
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TWO MACHINE WOVEN POLIZEI CAP EAGLES two machine woven grey on black background police side cap (overseas) eagles in unissued condition.
VORSCHLAG (RECOMMENDATION FOR PROMOTION ) SIGNED BY REICHSFUHRER SS. Award of a honorary rank ,from Captain of Schutzpolizei to the higher rank of Major der Schutzpolizei .The subject Reinhard Schulz , was a career policeman in Stettin, after serving in the army from 1905 to 1920 finishing as a reserve 2nd Lieutnant ,and awarded 1st and 2nd class Iron Cross and black wound badge, then progressed his career in the Police. Document.has a very clear hand signed Himmler signature .. All Police vorschlags were hand signed by Himmler in his role as Chief of the German police.. Document in good condition .
WAFFEN SS BLACK PANZER M43 CAP Textbook example of the late war produced M43 cap. These caps were of inferior quality and made from one piece of material . With the underside of the peak showing its cardboard construction with plastic instead of metal buttons many of these caps was found in the Dachau clothes bins. This particular example has a factory applied bevo trapezoid. Very nice example.
WAFFEN SS "HANDSCHAR" COLLAR PATCH. Unissued collar patch for the 13th SS Gebirgs division. Dachau made.
WAFFEN SS ARMOURED CREW'S TUNIC A late war issued stug wrapover , To a SS-Mann ,tunic is constructed from rough inferior wool, as was used late war, insignia consists of Red piped Manns shoulderboards with single tress slip-on denoting NCO candidate. Collar patches are the machine embroidered variety factory applied. Arm eagle is a wartime pattern that has also been factory applied during construction of tunic.Interior of tunic is semi lined in grey cotton rayon material, unfortunately any size stamps etc have long gone, overall nice example of a rare pattern tunic. (Belt and Buckle not included , for display purposes only). CONSIGNMENT.
WAFFEN SS ARTILLERY MAN,S TUNIC M42 pattern tunic,consisting of red piped slip-on shoulderboards (Artillery ) Matching collar patches, runic machine embroidered example. Arm eagle appears to be factory applied and is the machine woven (bevo) example. Beneath the eagle is a hand applied Oberschutze rank patch. Tunic is finished off with a "Gotz von Berlichingen " Cufftitle . Interior of tunic has size markings and is stamped SS-BW.Overall nice example of a SS combat tunic. CONSIGNMENT
WAFFEN SS CAMO HOOD AS USED WITH THE WINTER PARKA Good used example of the camo winter hood in dot pattern camo. Hood has some small damage to flap and some small tears to the top, but overall a nice piece of SS camo.
WAFFEN SS COLLAR PATCHES. A very nice "salty" pair of matching collar patches for a SS-Rottenfuhrer. These are early pattern patches on a lovely doeskin backing. And are in good used condition. Matching SS collar patches are getting extremely hard to find nowadays .
WAFFEN SS DOT PATTERN COMBAT TUNIC textbook example in Herringbone twill. tunic is in good used condition with no rips or tears. camo seems a little faded but still show the usual camo misprints you get with this style of tunic. It is also very noticeable where the arm eagle has been removed, which doesn't detract from this still being a very nice and desirable Waffen SS combat tunic.
WAFFEN SS DOT PATTERN COMBAT TUNIC Textbook example that has had some field/factory repairs, overall condition of tunic is good with one large repair to left arm ( just below de-nazified arm eagle).There is also what appears to be a field repair to the lower left pocket . Due to the repairs tunic has been priced accordingly , to sell..
WAFFEN SS EIDELWEISS CAP INSIGNIA Cloth eidelweiss patch worn by members of the Waffen SS gebirgsjager (mountain troops) on the side of there bergmutze or M43 cap.this example is in near mint unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS ENLISTED MAN'S SHOULDERBOARDS Pair light green slip-on boards for a Gebirgsjager (mountain trooper). Boards are in mint unissued condition.
WAFFEN SS GEBIRGSJAGER COMBAT TUNIC Nice combat example belonging to a SS-Hauptscharfuhrer serving in SS-Gebirgsjager regiment 11 Reinhard Heydrich , Insignia consists of green piped NCO's slip-on shoulderboards , matched pair of machine embroidered collar patches,machine embroidered arm eagle factory applied lower sleeve has a nice example of a RZM Reinhard Heydrich Cufftitle.. Whilst the other sleeve has the eidelweiss patch for mountain troop personnel This is a nice example of a reissued tunic to a freiwilligen SS regiment.
WAFFEN SS M42 COMBAT HELMET A good honest SS combat helmet in well used condition. Runic decal is quite rubbed but totally original. Helmet is maker marked ET with a 60 shell size,helmet liner is in a good used condition but unfortunately missing its chinstrap. This is a nice original helmet with a realistic price tag..
WAFFEN SS M43 SERVICE CAP A textbook example of a late war M43 cap, as issued to the Waffen SS, Cap is constructed from inferior quality wool with a single Bakerlite button front, the underside of the cap has the exposed cardboard peak, Interior is constructed from a light brown silky/rayon material and is maker and date stamped 1944. Insignia consists of a typical machine woven Eagle and Skull. Overall this is a nice example of a rare cap, size 58..
WAFFEN SS O/R's BELT AND BUCKLE (RODO) A very well combat used example, buckle still retains about 70% of its painted finish. leather strap is in good used condition, although leather is somewhat dry. Rodo buckles are getting very hard to find nowadays.
WAFFEN SS O/R's SIDE CAP A very well used example, with some minor damage. Cap still appears to retain its totenkopf cap badge, but unfortunately the cloth cap eagle has been removed probably de-nazified, although cap comes with a replacement cap eagle.Of interest this cap seems to have been one of the caps that was produced by foreign/slave workers, where the caps was produced in such a small size they didn't fit the average trooper and all had to have gussets fitted to enlarge the caps (see images). Nice combat side cap.
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS EINHEITSMUTZE A very nice example of a Officers M43 cap made from Confiscated Italian material, with a worsted finish to the exterior and the rough inner side. Interior of cap has the typical half leather sweatband with a silk/Rayon lining. Insignia concists of a silver bullion embroidered cap eagle to the side of the cap , and what appears to be a slightly damaged Skull cut out of a Totenkopf collar patch to the front of the cap. Overall a nice example of a officers M43 cap. Interior is rb numbered and size stamped 55.
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS TUNIC, BREECHES AND BOOTS (cont) Further images of this attractive group.. which consists of TUNIC,BREECHES, which have some mothing to the crotch area (again see images) BOOTS, CLAW BELT, SSand RZM marked (rare) and OFFICERS AIGUILLETTE'S. Please contact us if you would like further images or information. CONSIGNMENT
WAFFEN SS OFFICERS, TUNIC, BREECHES AND BOOTS nice used example of a Waffen SS Untersturmfuhrer's service tunic.. Tunic is a standard pattern example with dark green collar,six buttoned front ,with two breast and two lower pockets all with scalloped flaps and buttoned.. Back is plain with a small vent.Insignia on tunic consists of sew-in shoulderboards with white waffenfarbe (Infantry). A very nice matching pair of Officers collar patches, cloth German Cross in Gold on right breast pocket, silver bullion sleeve eagle on upper left arm with a very nice tailor applied flatwire Deutschland Officers cufftitle..All interior labels appear to have been removed. Overall a very nice example with some mothing to rear of collar (see images). CONSIGNMENT..
WAFFEN SS PANZER SIDE CAP Textbook example which unfortunately has spent a lot of time displayed in the sun hence the outside is more a charcoal grey than black, but if you turn the side flap down (see images) you can see the true colour (black) of this attractive cap. Overall condition is extremely good . Interior has the faded remains of a Russian stamp, also German stamping and date. Cap is realistically priced to sell.
WAFFEN SS SOCIAL WELFARE FILE Large SS file measuring 12in x 9in, to SS-Unterscharfuhrer Josef Kormann who was killed in Russia serving in the SS-Div Wiking. File consists of 33 documents and I understand would have been used in assisting his family to get some financial aid. Certainly a set of documents worthy of further research.
WAFFENROCK FOR ARTILLERY NCO . A very attractive textbook example for a Feldwebel serving in Artillery regiment 13. Tunic is in good used condition with some localised mothing (see images) . All insignia is in good condition with upgraded officers quality breast eagle. Also with this tunic comes Marksman's third grade lanyard.. Tunic is sensibly priced to go.
WEHRMACHT PRIVATE PURCHASE WAFFENROCK "SIGNALS" A superb tailored example in fantastic condition, all insignia is in Officers quality bullion and correctly tailor applied. Tunic is piped in Lemon yellow waffenfarbe , shoulderboards has the number "25" machine embroidered in matching waffenfarbe. Overall this is a very attractive tunic that comes to life when dressed onto a manniquin.
WEHRMACHT DRIVERS BADGE "BRONZE" Tunic removed example,backing plate loose as one of the retaining clips is missing.
WEHRMACHT DRIVERS BADGE "GOLD" good all round condition and still retaining its metal backing plate.
WEHRMACHT DRIVERS BADGE "SILVER" In good condition and still retaining backing plate.
WEHRMACHT FUNERAL BANNER Banner has seen some wear, and is in good used condition . Measurement of banner is 92 inches long by 8inches wide.
WEHRMACHT GENERALS GREATCOAT A fine example of a Generalmajor's greatcoat with very nice sew-in bullion shoulderboards, beautiful red faced lapels, gold pebbled buttons, and with the addition of the "Afrika" cufftitle. This is a lovely greatcoat made from a quality wool, with a heavy rayon/cotton lining, unfortunately any name label has long gone. Belt.buckle & cross strap are not included in this sale..
WEHRMACHT GENERALS GREATCOAT. (Ex Bill Shea collection) Greatcoat to a General Major, this is a fine example of the Officers 1936 patt greatcoat with French cuffs , dark blu/green collar with bright red General's facing to the large lapels..and shows a nice pair of Generalmajors shoulderboards in gold bullion and silver braid. Greatcoat also retains all its gilt buttons including the mini buttons for closure of rear vent. Interior is fully lined in olive green rayon and includes dagger hanger?.this is a nice example that was in Bill Shea's (ruptured duck) collection, and comes with a letter of authenticity written by Bill to the person he eventually sold it to.. Please feel free to call if you would like further information .
WEHRMACHT GENERALS SERVICE TUNIC A very attractive private purchased Generalmajor's service tunic, unfortunately the tunic is un-named but the recipient was a German Cross in Gold holder and was awarded the Krim shield. Tunic is a textbook example with dark green collar six button front four pleated patch pockets with buttoned flaps.Along with the tunic comes a very attractive General's rank leather belt buckle and cross strap.
WEHRMACHT GENERALS SERVICE TUNIC. A stunning example of a General's service tunic..Tunic is constructed in a very fine wool and has a bottle green wool collar, the front consists of two pleated breast pockets with scalloped flaps and gilt buttons, with two slightly slanted lower slash pockets again with scalloped flaps and gilt buttons.The back of tunic has the very stylised political cut with two gilt belt ramps.Tunic is badged to a Major-General with sew-in celleon shoulderboards, celleon Collar patches, with a bullion breast eagle, And displaying the ribbon and bar to WW1 Ek2. Tunic displays loops for many awards including loops for a DK. Overall this is a very attractive tunic with a cut based on the old Reichswehr pattern tunics. On hold R.W.
WEHRMACHT GENERALS WHITE SUMMER TUNIC Textbook example of a General's Lightweight summer tunic, this is a eight buttoned front example in white cotton/rayon with two pleated breast pockets, with scalloped flaps and gilt buttons.and two lower slash pockets also with scalloped flaps and gilt buttons. Back of tunic has a political back cut with two gilt belt ramps. Lower sleeves have French cuffs. Insignia consists of slip-on Generalleutnant 's shoulderboards constructed from bullion/clleon, and are the correct boards with the T-bar ends. Breast has a metal gilt eagle (removable), lower left sleeve displays the "Afrika" Cufftitle ,and it's quite apparent that there has been another Cufftitle above the Afrika one ( Grossdeutschland, Fuhrerhauptquaurtier ) one can only guess. This General's ensemble is finished of with a nice set of General's aiguillette's . Interior has no label or markings, but tunic and aiguillette's does show some age patina. A very nice piece . On hold. R.W.
WEHRMACHT INFANTRY OFFICERS VISOR CAP A very nice used example of an Infantry Officers visor cap ,made by the distinguished Erel company, cap is slightly misshapen but pulls back into shape when put on a mannequins head . Approx size 57-58. Overall a nice jaunty looking cap at a good price.
WEHRMACHT M35 DOUBLE DECAL COMBAT HELMET In good used condition, helmet retains most of its original paintwork, and displays a good percentage of its decals. Liner and chinstrap are in good order.Interior crown of helmet displays the name of a Army Leutnant.. Overall a nice unfussed with combat helmet, approx size 56.
WEHRMACHT M40 CAMO HELMET Very nice example of a camo M40 helmet, CAMO is in dark olive green paintwork as used by the Wehrmacht in the Balkans and the Italian campaign . Helmet displays a good 80% of its camouflage paintwork ,you can also see where a decal has been removed.. Helmet is stamped E64 and liner is approx a 57. Nice original piece.
WEHRMACHT M40 SINGLE DECAL COMBAT HELMET A well used example, that has spent many years hanging in a garden shed. Helmet is quite pitted but still shows the remains of its Normandy camo finish,also you can quite clearly see the remains of the eagle and swastika decal.Helmet is complete with its original liner and chinstrap,
WEHRMACHT M42 HBT COMBAT TUNIC Textbook example in good used condition , couple of repairs around the waist area, possibly caused by belt rubbing. All insignia appears to be factory applied and original to tunic. Overall a nice example of a lightweight HBT reed green combat tunic.
WEHRMACHT M42 NCO'S SERVICE TUNIC An absolute stunning example of this iconic tunic. Tunic is in superb condition and has the rank of a Oberfeldwebel serving in a Transport and Supply unit. All insignia has been factory applied except for the slip on shoulderboards. Its also nice to see the subdued tresse as used on combat tunics. This is one of the nicest untouched combat tunics that has passed through our hands..
WEHRMACHT NCO'S PANZER TUNIC A very nice example in good used condition. to a Unteroffizier in a Panzer regiment . Tunic is the standard cut for a Pz wrap with factory applied insignia two interior pockets, the correct bias material in the shoulder lining. And you can just make out the size stampings (see images). Overall a nice example of a rare tunic. BELT AND BUCKLE NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE (FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY).
WEHRMACHT NON REVERSIBLE CAMO PARKA A very well used example of a late war issued parka, by the time this pattern winter parka was issued they've done away with the hood, lined the interior with a standard cotton/rayon lining making the parka Non-reversible Parka also has cheap metal buttons, similar to buttons found on zeltbahn's. Collar shows a lot of wear and damage and there are several repairs to exterior. But overall a well used combat worn parka.
WEHRMACHT OFFICERS BOOTS AND BOOT SLAVE A very nice pair of Officers jackboots,which came from the family complete with HJ breadbag containing metal hooks for pulling boots on, and the most unusual boot slave (for removing boots). This appears to be a travelling example which folds away, slave is maker marked and has DRGM stamping. Very nice grouping.
WEHRMACHT PANZER OFFICERS VISOR CAP Nice genuine Pz Officers visor cap,with some issues to rear of cap..Cap has a lovely jaunty shape, and an unusual maker, but unfortunately over the years it has suffered some mothing, from the front the cap looks very attractive.Anyway cap is sensibly priced to sell. Approx size 56/57
WEHRMACHT TROPICAL BELT AND BUCKLE Very attractive tropical belt and buckle in superb condition. Buckle retains all its original paintwork, and is maker marked JFS. Webbing belt is also in near mint condition.
WEHRMACHT WAFFENROCK FOR NCO CANDIDATE "TRANSPORT" Textbook example of an issue Waffenrock, 1937 dated, tunic is piped in blue/grey waffenfarbe indicating "Transport". with dark green collar and cuffs. Shoulderboards have chain stitched "9"s, All insignia appears to be period/factory applied. and has tress loops on shoulderboards indicating this Gefreiter was a NCO candidate. This tunic was originally purchased from "History Hunter" in California USA and comes with a certificate of authenticity from that company (see images).
WEHRPASS FOR GUARD AT MITTELBAU AND SACHSENHAUSEN KONZENTRATIONSLAGER . Rare example of a Wehrpass for an elderly guard at the infamous Mittelbau "Dora" concentration camp, who finished his war service at the even more infamous Sachsenhausen concentration camp.. These elderly guards were mostly called out of retirement to release the younger fitter guards for active service Finding documents relating to "Dora" are hard to find, this was a pretty secretive camp where the V1 and certainly the V2 rockets were produced. With an unfortunately high death rate.